3rd Armored Division at Camp Patton France.

Many people will travel to Normandy for the D-Day celebrations.
The most of them will just visit the highlights and then return home after a few days.
So let we drive a little longer and visit the Camp Patton M4A1(76) Sherman Tank.
You can find this Nehou France and you need to go into the village to find the sign and follow the route,
But first drive to Nehou France and the location is called Camp Patton

Most of the websites tells us that General Patton used the Apple Orchard clearing as his 3rd Army command post from 7th July to 2nd August 1944, where he enjoyed complete secrecy and was able to plan, prepare and then command the Avranches Breakthrough and later operation Cobra.

Only there is a little but in this story because the turret on this tank was never from the 3rd Army and Patton never shot one grenade with it.
This turret belongs to a tank of the 3rd armored Division who was knocked out in Cologne Germany.
So when, you visit this place then you see a little more history of the 3rd Armored Division too.

Here are the specifications of the tank:
37939 M4A1(76) VVSS Pressed Steel Car 3070536 Build number 3849 (side); Has a vent less turret; ex-3rd Armored during WW2 in Cologne Germany

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