Juvigny-le-Tertre France, August 2nd 1944

On August 2nd 1944 S.Sgt Stolan and his men entered the town of Juvigny-le-Tertre France.
They were driving as leader and they got hit by an Panzerfaust.
This will be their story with all kind of information and pictures.
These are the men where this research project is all about, please contact us with all kind of information at info@36air-ad.com

S.Sgt Stolan and his men are members of the  E Company 32nd Armored Regiment 3rd Armored Division.

On July 30th 1944 the 32nd Armored Regiment who was part of Combat Command “A” under command of Brig. General Hickey attached to the 1st Division.
When this attachment became effective, Combat Command “A” had moved south through the still cluttered Roncey area and established a bridgehead across the Seine River.
The next objective for Combat Command “A” was Mortain but first they had to cross the river and that was accomplished just south of Brecey on August 1st.

 Then they where in the enemy’s rear area an were moving fast. It was a job well suited to the employment of armor.
German service troops as well as combat elements were completely surprised, and the tanks had a brief field day.
Somewhere on August the 1st  they drove near Juvigny-le-Tertre France and entered it.
But severe actions occurred in and in the area of Juvigny-le-Tertre France and Refuville where the Germans organised very well.




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