Men from the 703d Tank Destroyer Battalion executioned.

The narrative that follows was taken from the accounts of three men, Nate Goldberg and Frank Miller of A Company and E. Long the 23rd Engineers survivor. These accounts were published in the Battalion’s postwar newsletter, “The Roadblock,” ably edited by Nate Goldberg

On the night of August 14th, our Combat Command B was active in
the Ranes area. They established a security outpost with Lt. Wissing and the four
men. The two Engineers had just laid a string of land-mines across the road and shortly afterwards all 5 men were captured. Lt. Wissing, who could understand German, overheard their captors saying they would be shot (probably because their captors were fleeing and cut off and had to take care of their own wounded, and were led by a desperate officer). At Lt. Wissing’s urging, the group of fiveĀ  broke through a hedge and, running, tried to escape. Four of them were gunned down only one of the Engineerrs, Ellsworth Long, managed to escape and return to his unit. Before his death, Lt. Wissing had compiled a very commendable combat record with his platoon.

Note from the webmaster:

The 4 men who died are:
Lt. Wissing 703 TD Bn
T5 Cox J Frank 703 TD Bn
Sgt. Goff P Ivan 23d Armored Engineer Battalion
Cpl Juno Joseph 703 TD Bn
Pvt. Ruiz R Louis 703 TD Bn

You can find them all on the website in the Roll of Honor.

Lest we Forget


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