By using the info what you can find here in several folders we want to give you the opportunity to collect research material who did help us in many ways. When you have a small budget this is the best way to start and get your own collection for in your warroom.
Then you can choose at one point to get information from the association but keep in mind that you need to pay them so ask first for what it will cost.
The 3d Armored Division Association archives can be found online with a possibility to contact an archivist. You can find the website by using the url:

We are always searching for additional material that can be used for our research about the 3d Armored Division during World War II. It doesn’t matter if it is a picture or a report or personal belongings we are always interested. So before you chuck it away or what else we hope that you remember that we are really happy to have it.
So please when you want to donate something contact us at