Update 1Lt. Polensky J Monroe

Every day we update the Roll of Honor with all kind of information.
And we are really happy that you all let others know what we are doing.
Many family members are still searching for information of their loved ones and we are happy to help them.

We could help the family of 1st Lt. Polensky with information and they also helped us with a nice update.
The digital monument of 1Lt. Polensky J Monroe  has been updated.
We could add a wartime picture of him to his digital monument.
And we could add a the information of the After Action Report with a part where he is named in it too.
Check: http://www.36air-ad.com/names/serial/1010179

We are still searching for more information about him or from other soldiers of the 3d Armored Division, when you can help us please contact us at info@36air-ad.com

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