391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion

3rd Armored Division 391st Field Artilllery Battalion

The History of the 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion

New Year’s day in 1942 saw the birth of a new armored unit in the United States Army, the 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, part of the 3rd Armored Division. From a War Department letter dated December 29, 1941 on the subject of reorganization of Existing Armored Divisions, the newly-born organization recieved the basis for its existence.

The activation of the 391st from its parent, the 67th Armored Field Artillery Battalion was completed January 10, 1942 when, under the guidance of Lieutenant Colonel Russel O. Smith, the Commanding Officer, and 25 other officers, the battalion had moved into new quarters in Camp Polk and had been completely organized.

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