54th Field Artillery Battalion

                                   The History of the 54th Field Artillery Battalion

54th Field Artillery Battalion (Armored)

The 54th Field Artillery Battalion (Armored) has only been in existence since April 13, 1941 at which time the unit was activated at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. The Battalion was formed with 44 officers and 246 enlisted men who came from the 78th Field Artillery Battallion (Armored), Second Armored Division, Fort Benning Georgia. On this day at Activation of the batallion Lieutenant Colonel Clinton M. Lucas assumed command. A Battalion Staff was appointed and officers and enlisted men were assigned to organisations. Training was initiated with the view of making each member of the cadre an instructor so as to prpare the battalion to be ready for the training of selectees.
On April 29, 1941 the battalion assembled for a talk at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, by Genera Gillem. The 54th Field Artillery Battalion (Armored) left its temporary station, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, June 12, 1941, and marched by motot convoy to its permanent station at Cam Polk, Louissiana. The following day the first selectees were assigned to this unit and on June 24, 1941, the first training battery started the intensive thirteen-week training period. A few days thereafter the second and third training batteries were formed. The reception of selectees was rapid and by the end of june 141, the 54th Field Artillery Battalion (Armored) had grown to 46 officers and 524 enlisted men. The battalion was assembled on July 10, 1841, for a talk to the Third Armored Division by General Gillem.
And this was not the last talk or meeting because the 54th Field Artillery Battalion (Armored) became part of the Third Armored Division and the training programs all together started really soon.

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