703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion

3rd Armored Division 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion

                         The History of the 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion.

With the effectiviness of a Tank Destroyer Battalion shown us by the Germans in their wars in Europa, Asia and Africa, and by our own maneuvers in Louisiana and Carolina, on the 15th day of December, 1941, 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion was activated at Camp Polk, Louisiana. Major John Meade was placed in command and work began immediately in the clearing of trees and brush, setting up of tents, building a bath house, offices, and mess hall, under his immediate supervision.

Within a week the staff was enlarged by the assignement of Major Prentice E. Yeomans, who was appointed Battalion Executive Officer, Captain Howard M. Tacker, and Second Lieutenant Frederick R. Insley. The enlisted men were assigned from the 32nd Armored Regiment, 33rd Armored Regiment, 40th Armored Regiment and the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, with Battery D of the 54th Armored Field Artillery serving as a nucleus for the Battalion.

Monday Morning, January 5
th 1942, all personnel moved into their new quarters. Major Meade gave a short talk in which he explained to the men the purpose of a tank destroyer battalion, and the immediate necessity for coorperation among the men and officers alike.
The Battalion recieved a new commander when on January 22, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Meade was relieved and Major Prentice E. Yeomans assumed command.

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