83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

The History of the 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

3rd Armored Division 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

The 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (RCN) was originally organized as the Third Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd Armored Division at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, on April 15th 1941.
The cadre chosen to form the Third Reconnaissance Battalion, with the exception of the Battalion Commander, Major Edwin C. Greiner, who was assigned to the First Armored Regiment, Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he had long been associated with the developement of mechanized units, came from the Second Reconnaissance Battalion, Fort Benning Georgia.
Camp Beauregard was designated as a temporary camp where specialized training was to be continued for the benefit of the initial cadre. During this time plans were laid and executed for the movement of the Battalion to its permanent station, Camp Polk Louisiana, which was then in the final stage of construction.
Upon arrival there the Battalion was to recieve a large number of selectees to build it up to its full strength.
On may 12th 1941, the Third Reconnaissance Battalion was redesignated the 83rd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.
The movement to Camp Polk Louisiana was completed on June 12 1941. Sortley thereafter, nearly 500 selectees were assigned to this unit and period of 13 weeks of intensive training was launched. The training objective was to teach these men, most of whom were newly inducted and had a little or no millitary background, not only the fundamentel requirements of a soldier but to give them a complete introduction to the highly technical and specialized duties required by a mechanized unit.
From then on this Battalion has taken part in every Division Exercise, together with many field exercises on its own.

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