Bronze Plaques of the 3rd Armored Division

After the war in 1994 many Bronze Plaques of the 3rd Armored Division were placed across Europe. I try to locate and make a picture of them but all help is welcome.
During the last days people pointed me out at an kind of book what mentions the places where the Plaques would be placed.
Now I’m not sure if there are now places on the list with the same location but that will be figured out in the future.
One thing is for sure, in May 1994 there were 27 Plaques to be placed in the towns who were liberated by the 3rd Armored Division.
In the United States there are in total 7 placed plaques, I only know 2 locations so all the help is welcome.

Here is the list and when they are marked with an (X) we have located and a picture is here on the website.

Fort Knox, USA (on the Armoured monument)
Ft. Indiantown Gap, USA (X)
Mere, Wiltshire United Kingdom (X)
Falaise (in the museum), France (X)
Falaise (in the town Square), France
Mortain (across the chamber of commerce), France
Limont, France (X)
Juvigny le Tertre, France (X)
St Jean de Daye, France (X)
Mons, Belgium (X)
La Gleize, Belgium (X)
Verviers, Belgium
Fromentel, Belgium (X)
Malempre, Belgium (X) (beside the monument)
Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium (X) (Parkers crossroads monument)
Liege, Belgium
Quévy Le Grand, Hainaut, Belgium (X)
Mélines Erezee, Belgium (X) (on the big monument)
Herstal, Belgium
Dison, Belgium
Rotheux-Neupre, Belgium
Houffalize, Belgium (X)
Stolberg Germany (on the City Hall)

When you have found one please make a picture and send it with the location at

FT. Indiantown Gap, United States of America
Mere, Wiltshire United Kingdom
Falaise, France ( in the museum)
Juvigny le Tertre, France.
St Jean de Daye, France
Erezee, Belgium
Fromentel, Belgium
Houfalize, Belgium
La Gleize, Belgium
Limont (Tavier), Belgium
Mons, Belgium
Quévy Le Grand, Hainaut, Belgium
Malempre, Belgium
Baraque de Fraiture, Belgium