Call me Spearhead

This is a little booklet and one of a series of G.I. stories of the Ground, Air and Service Forces in the European Theater of Operations, to be issued by the Stars and Stripes, a publication of the Information and Education Division, Special and Information Services, ETOUSA. Maj Gen. Rose Commanding the 3rd Armored Division, lent his cooperation to the preparation of the pamphlet and basic material was supplied to the editors by personnel from his staff.

The forword is written by general Rose next to his famous picture while he sit behind his desk in his Head Quarters in Stolberg Germany.
cropped-rose.prym_..1.jpg                                                                      Forword.

It is with a feeling of tremendous pride that I greet you, and with reverent solemnity that I salute those of our comrades who made the supreme sacrifice to assist us to arrive here. The archievements of this Division have been equalled by only a very few, and surpassed by none. Our standards are high and our determination to meet those standards is firm.
With Divine assistance, little can delay, and nothing can stop us.

Signed by Major General Rose.

This picture is from the back and you see that the men recieved the booklet on April 23rd 1945.

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