Foreign Decorations

GENERAL ORDERS                        DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY           No. 43
NO. 43                                                WASHINGTON 25, D. C., 19 December 1950
– GENERAL ………………………………….1
– II RESCISSIONS…………………………3

I GENERAL.-1. Confirmation.—The following list of units of the United States Army to which decorations have been awarded by cobelligerent foreign governments during World War II, together with the citations therefor, is confirmed in accordance with current regulations.
2. Wearing of foreign decorations.—The wearing of foreign de-orations by individuals will be in accordance with AR 260-16 and the following:
a. French and Belgian Fourrageres.— Normally, two citations are required before a unit becomes eligible for the award of the Fourragere. The award of the Fourragere is not automatic, but must be specifically authorized by decree of the respective foreign government. A citation in orders or award of the Croix de Guerre to a unit does not authorize the wearing of the decoration by an individual. Likewise, no award of the Croix de Guerre- to an individual will serve to constitute eligibility to wear the Fourragere. The _Fourragere may be worn permanently by individuals who participated with the unit in both actions for which the unit was cited. The French Fourragere may be worn temporarily by individuals assigned to the unit subsequent to the tint the award was made, but only so long as they remain with such unit. The Belgian Fourragere is not authorized to be worn temporarily.
b. Netherlands Orange Lanyard.—The Netherlands Orange Lanyard may be worn permanently by individuals who participated with the unit in the action for which it was cited and temporary wearing of the Lanyard is int authorized.