General Order for Company A, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment 1944 Siegfried Line.

                    GENERAL ORDERS No. 24 WAR DEPARTMENT 6 April 1945

As authorized by Executive Order No. 9396 (sec. I, Bul. 22, WD, 1943), superseding Executive Order No. 9075 (sec. III, Bul. 11, WD, 1942), citation of the following units in General Orders, No. 24, Headquarters 3d Armored Division, 20 February 1945, as approved by the Commanding General, European Theater of Operations, are confirmed under the provisions of section IV, Circular No. 333, War Department, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction.

The citations read as follows:

Company A, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment is cited for outstanding performance of duty in action during the period 10 to 13 December 1944 in Germany. On 10 December 1944, Company A was assigned as the only infantry company of a task force which launched an attack on Echtz. Aware of the superiority in number of enemy troops which were dug in and heavily fortified, the men and officers of Company A attacked vigorously, and, with great determination, routed the enemy from its defensive positions and secured the village prior to nightfall.

On 12 December 1944. Company A, as part of a reconnaissance force, joined with tanks to reconnoiter a small village on the Roer River. The sector assigned to Company A required an advance of 1,500 yards over flat and open terrain and under complete enemy observation from the east bank of the river. Though the company on its left was driven back in its attempt to cross the fire-swept field, the officers and men of Company A, ignoring heavy explosive shells, direct tank fire, and withering automatic-weapons fire and suffering heavy casualties, unhesitatingly advanced across the fire-swept field to reach the edge of the town.

With very few leaders remaining and its ranks thinned by casualties, Company A continued to push forward aggressively and successfully captured the village, clearing the approaches to the town in preparation for the advance of another rifle company. The heroic actions and esprit de corps displayed by the officers and men of Company A, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, though weakened by heavy casualties, are worthy of high praise.