French Croix de Guerre with palm under Decision No. 267

                                             Headquarters 3rd Armored Division

FrenchcroixdeGuerre WW2 3rd Armored Division

FRENCH CROIX DE GUERRE WITH PALM, awarded under Decision No. 267, 22 July 1946, by the President of the Provisional Government of the French Republic, with the folowing Citation:

This is a magnificent Divisional Headquarters which showed an exceptional combat spirit. Setting up its “Command Posts” very close to the line of fire, it came into contact several times in the course of rapid Allied advance from the Seine to the Siegfriedline, with German elements and engaged them in battle. They threw back the enemy, liberating several towns and villages, namely:

Quincy, Brye-Comte Robert, Mangy le Hongre, Levignan and Villers Cotteret. At Mons in Belgium, the Headquarters of the 3d Armored Division bore, for 36 hours, the brunt of the attack of the elements of the Seventh German Army in retreat, and in spite of these attacks, it succeeded in holding them in, taking numerous prisoners and destroying a large amount of matériel.