New Digital monument

It took a little longer as promised but here it is.
A new digital monument for Pfc Rene E Martinat with a little story to tell.
His enlistment date is 4 March 1944, but I don’t know when he entered service.
In the dictionary of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment of November 1945 is he mentioned as a member of D Company.
There is a part in this booklet where you can find all the names from the men who died during the second World War, but Pfc. Martinat is not mentioned in it.
Then the second thing is he died on April 16th 1945 while the 36th is Germany.
But he is buried in Normandy and his status is Died non Battle.

Because he didn’t came up in any book or on a website I didn’t had created an digital monument for him, but now there is one.
A special thank you goes to Arjan Baijens who could arrange a picture of his grave while the plot was closed where he is buried.
The family doesn’t have a picture of his grave and tonight I forwarded it to them with some other information.
Check for his digital monument:
We are still searching for more information about him or from other soldiers of the 3d Armored Division, when you can help us please contact us at

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