S. Sgt Roland W. Harris


Name: Harris W. Roland
Rank: Staff Sergeant
ASN: 42190123
Enlisted: 31 Jul 1944
Company: C
Unit: 36th Armored Infantry Regiment
Date of Birth: 1918-10-09
Married: with Hazel May Harris
Date of death: 2002-05-08
Awards: Bronze Star

Digital Monument: http://www.36air-ad.com/names/serial/42190123

He entered combat in Sept. 1944 at Givay, France and fought through until the end of the war. He fought in the Hurtgen Forest, The Bulge, Assault on the Rhine, The Ruhr Pocket, Siegfried Line, Cologne, Paderborn Airfield, liberated Nordhausenxas as a multitude of other smaller engagements. His Company received a Distinguished Unit Citation. He received the Bronze Star for Gallantry in Action His unit was 1st Rifle Squad, 1st Platoon, “C” Company, 1st Battalion, 36th AIR, 3rd Armored Division. He served from 1944-46.


Here’s a photo of S.Sgt Harris on the right and his platoon sergeant James Johnson.
When the war ended his unit was demobilized in Dec.1945 and he was assigned to the 438th AAA Automatic Weapons Bn

He served as an MP at a jail for American soldiers that had committed crimes in Nancy, France until he was sent home and discharged in March 1946.

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