Sgt. Sam Miller


Name: Miller Sam
Rank: Sergeant
ASN: 37097135
Enlisted 1-06-1942
Company: H
Unit: 36th Armored Infantry Regiment
Date of Birth: 1914-10-10
Married: December 1942 with Doris Skoog
Date of Death: 1944-09-19
Place of Death: Stolberg area, Germany
Cause of Death: KIA
Awards: Purple Heart, Bronze Star

Digital monument:

Miller Sam

Between Jan 1942, through July 1944, Sam was an training instructor at Camp Roberts.
Then he was transferred to overseas duty on July 9th, 1944 and on August 14th 1944, he was assignement to Company H 36th AIR.

Stolberg 1944 September 19th. Company H 36th Armored Infantry Regiment.

At 1720 hours, the 9. Panzer-Division reported that elements of Grenadier-Regiment 89 were going to pull back from their positions west of Niederhof. Right after that report, Task Force Miller, the Reinforced H Company of the 36th AIR attacked east past the Niederhof with four tanks and Infantry toward Steffenhäuschen and the Hochwegerhof. The attack was preceded by an extremely strong artillery preparation that extended all the way to Hastenrath. At 1745 hours, the Americans occupied the Hochwegerhof and the woods to it south. On the German side, the 12 Infantry-division conduted an immerdiate counter attack with elements of a battalion (pionier-Batallion12), which has supported by six Panthers. The attackers moved out of the woods southwest of Hastenrath, advanced though the Hochwegerhof and on toward the Niederhof. At the time, the divisional artillery, which was now under unified command and control and had Flak batteries attached to it (formely defending the air space over Aachen) engaged identified American armor cocentrations in the patches woods south of Hammerberg at the Burgholz farm.

On September 19th 1944 died Sgt Miller and many of his buddies during this attack

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