Spearhead in the West

3rdArmored Division Spearhead in the WestThis book is dedicated to the American soldiers who where killed in action with the 3rd Armored Division in Europe. They did not want to die, and yet they gave their lives so that we might come on to final victory and peace.
Words are a difficult medium in which to express our reverence, and the words of a soldier, especialy, may be strange to the mind of man untouched by the awful miracle of combat.
We only know that these dead were with us shoulder to shoulder in the great drives, in the mud and the fear and the flame in the night.
When the hot steel found them, and they fell, we cursed a little, dry eyed: shrugged our shoulders weatly, and went on.
Yet be sure of this: each individual death left a raw scar on our immortal souls.
For that reason this book is dedicated to those who were more than brother and who lie now in the soil they freed.
Encompassed by the 3rd Armored Division, they were our blood and sinew, and our soul.

We shall never forget.

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This book is an official project of the 3rd Armored Division published under authority contained in Sec. V ETOUSA, Cir, 86, June 25th 1945 and mailed in accordance with the provisions of Postal Circular No. 38, Hq, US Forces, European Theatre (raer),           October 11th 1945

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