Spearheading with the 3rd Armored Division

In saluting the victorious men of our 3rd Armored Division also known as Spearhead Division, I repeat the last sentence of General Rose’s greetings in the first edition of our history “Call me Searhead”, “With Divine assistance little can delay and nothing can stop us”.

In exemplifying this belief he paid up the supreme sacrifice while leading us on to another objective. In tribute to his memory, his great leadership, his high ideals as a soldier and as a man; and to our other brave dead I dedicate this, our second “Spearhead”booklet.

Those of you who are “oldtimers” and remember Omaha Beach, Isigny, Villers Fossard, Monpichon, Fromental and on; and those of you who later became “Spearheaders”at Stolberg, “The Bulge” , Cologne or Paderborn, all have terssly and bravely carried on in the traditions of our great division. Your rewards are the thanks of agrateful people and the knowledge of a job well done.

3rd Armored Division Doyle O. Hickey                               Signed Brigadier General Doyle O. Hickey, Commanding.

3rd Armored Division spearheading.cover


This booklet, along with its preceding volume, CALL ME SPEARHEAD, is in no sense a complete history of the 3rd Armored Division.
Rather, it is a briel narative touching the high points of this organisation’s campaigning in Europe.
For that reason, fw individual soldiers are mentioned. For the purposes of identification, combat command and task force leaders names are used troughout.
Neither is there sufficient room in this booklet to pay proper homage to the integral units and attached battalions which have, by their actions, made the 3rd Armored “Spearhead” Division a famous American lightning force.
This copy of SPEARHEADING is printed and distributed to the men of the command, the plain, everyday GI-Joes who met Jerry face to face, challenged him, and then beat him into complete defeat!
It’s written for the men who won the war in the west, and it’s designed to tell partially the immense and wonderful story of how the job was done.

3rd Armored Division Spearheading Back          Printed by Hallische Nachrichten, Halle (Saale)
Photographs and color printing done by Carl Warnecke, Halle (Saale)

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