The 36th Armored Infantry Regiment Personnel Directory

The 36th Armored Infantry Regiment Personnel Directory

1st Edition November 1945
Printed by M. Rückert’s Buchdruckerei, Gerabronn (Würst) Germany

“Mission of the Infantry in the attack is to close with the enemy and destroy him”
FM 100-5

1 October 1945

Dear Friends,

We have successfully completed three and a half years of active duty in the service of the United States, and our present mission is now completed. Once again the colors of the regiment will be laid away awaiting the time when they again will be needed. We have contributed a great deal in the successful conclusion of the battles in Europe and performed our job in a commendable fashion.


In combat, we make friends that are everlasting, and in order to insure these friendships, we who are performing a veterans organization. The purpose of such an organization is to continue the good relations among all the Armored Doughboys who served with us in continue in present through our newspaper the latest news of those members now living.


William R. Orr
Lt. Col. Inf Commanding

This is just a short part from the foreword of Lt Col Orr.
You will find in this book the names and address of the men who fought during the Second World War in the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment as part of the 3rd Armored Division.

On page 161 the “In Memoriam”part will start with the names and address from the men who died during the war.


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