The future of the 3d Armored Division Memorial Group

August 14th 2019

It is now 3.5 years that I’m on my own the owner of the 3rd Armored Division Memorial Group (3ADMG).
But you need to think about the future and that is not always so easy.
And then you have white smoke and you know what is the right thing to do.
So let me introduce Carla van Brink my partner and right hand and from now on the co-owner of 3ADMG.
She is interested in history of Egypt but also in archaeology and that for many years.
And then she meets this fella again after more than 40 years and we picked it up where it ended.
During our holidays in Belgium we visited already some Battlefields and she is interested about what I’m doing.
We will go on in what we are doing to honor the men who fought during WWII in the 3d Armored Division and all the others who fought for our freedom.

At the grave of Major General Maurice Rose

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