Update 2 Lt. Mellitz Leonard

Today we could update the digital monument of 2 Lt Mellitz Leonard with the help of his nephew. We could add a picture of his grave and a wartime picture of him to his digital monument.
Check: http://www.36air-ad.com/names/serial/O1062252
Last week when we where doing research in the area of Grandmenil we stopped again at the place where Lt. Mellitz and Pvt. Wertman were lying on a boxcar, killed by a tankgrenade. And where Pvt. Kauffman F. Robert was hiding in the cellar for an German tank. All these men got their own digital monument on the website.


You can find the complete story about what has happened on Bob Konings website by using this url: http://www.grandmenil.com/lester-a-wertman/
Thank you Bob for all the research and that I may use it on the website.

We are still searching for more information about him or from other soldiers of the 3d Armored Division, when you can help us please contact us at info@36air-ad.com


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