Updates and more

Today is it 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion update day.
We had some fantastic info in the mail from the son of John Czajkowski so we could add more information on the website. A new digital monument will be created for him.

Many digital monuments of the 703rd could be updated but finally with help of Ben Savelkoul his website http://www.tankdestroyer.net/ we could create the digital monument for Cpl Morrie.  Have a look on his website where you can find all kind of information about the tankdestroyers. Thank you again Ben for your great help.

We could add a picture of Cpl. Morrie his grave and some more information to his digital monument.
Check: http://www.36air-ad.com/names/serial/31064262

We are still searching for more information about him or from other soldiers of the 3d Armored Division, when you can help us please contact us at info@36air-ad.com

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