We found again an forgotten soldier of the 3rd Armored Division.

Yesterday, my dear friend Max wrote me an email about Pfc Harvey who didn’t came up on the Roll of Honor on our website.
I grabbed the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment’s Dictionary and he didn’t come up there either.
His name isn’t mentioned on the casualties lists or on other websites.
We tracked his name back on the lists of the Temporary Cemetery of HenriĀ ChapelleĀ 1 and we found his grave stone application for the USA.
And this tells us he’s a member of the 36th AIR, 3rd Battalion, I company.

Pfc. Harvey entered the service August 31, 1943, Ft Hayes, Ohio and I got the idea that he became a member of I company as an replacement. On that day November 15th 1944, before even the papers were signed he was already killed. Maybe we can track him back in one of the lists of the replacement units. But when you read the study “Personnel Replacement System in the United States Army” then you will notice this will be a huge job.

But we are proud to say that Pfc. Harvey is now mentioned in our Roll of Honor and that we can say he is a member of the 3rd Armored Division whose name will now never been forgotten after 75 years.
Please check his digital monument here http://www.36air-ad.com/names/serial/35759579

We are still searching for more information about him or from other soldiers of the 3d Armored Division, when you can help us please contact us at info@36air-ad.com

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