Mons Belgium or Maubeuge France

September 1944

Is it now Mons Belgium or Maubeuge France.

After the battle of Mons many German soldiers where taken prisoner and guarded by troops of the 3d Armored Division.
At the right you see an Armored M5 Stuart light tank together with his crew.
This picture has been taken in September 1944 and the original belongs to Original World Press International.

There is for many years a discussion going on if this is Mons or Maubeuge and here is the story and the picture has been posted on several websites with the comments Mons or Maubeuge.
We are 100% sure that this picture is taken in Maubege France, what lays south of Mons.
The building on both pictures is from Hotel Provençal.
The small building what must have been the entrance is still there you can see that on the picture below.
On July 27th 2014 the biggest part of the hotel burned down have a look on the video but a little part is still left.
The only part of what is left is just the little building what has been the entrance without the name above it

A special thank you to Donald van den Bogert for the ghost picture and Bob Konings for his picture and jumping with me in this project.
We are still searching what regiment it is and about this one we are not sure but we have the idea that this is the 32nd Armored Regiment.
This because there is no information of Maubeuge in the after action reports of the 33d Armored Regiment and the 36th Armored Regiment in September 1944.