Welcome to this U.S. 3rd Armored Division website.

What started first with the Roll of Honor for the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment has come to a point to make it complete with the entire Roll of Honor for the 3rd Armored Division.
What you will find here is the result of many years of reading investigating and digging through thousands of pages from the archives.

This is the place where you will find the best and most complete information about these men. There is no other Roll of Honor that you can find like this on the internet and every day we update it with more information.

This website is to honor all the men of the 3rd Armored Division some of whom lost their lives during World War II.
The main part of this website is the Roll of Honor for these men, many of which have been given their own digital monument..If family, friends, relatives and other researchers are interested in helping with pictures, documents or any kind of information please use the contact button located on the menu bar.

In the past we had questions if we want to have items too and the answer is still positive. We don't sell them we treasure them and will be used as information for the following generations.

Extra service for familymembers:

If any families of the men who fought during WWII in the 3rd Armored Division would like a digital monument too then you can also contact us by Email: info@36air-ad.com Then we are able to email you back to get all information we need to make it complete. This also counts for members who lost their life after VE-day.

Who we are:

We are a group of fanatics who love to investigate, research and even visit the Battlefields where the men fought during WWII for our freedom. Every archive around the world recognizes us as we have at some point in time contacted them and now we use all modern communication.
We started to dig up information in books and later to get in contact with the veterans. We love history and every person in this group has his own part of specialization that we use to get more people interested in what we do but also so that nothing is forgotten.

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With this website we want to say thank you to the men and all the family members of these men and for pay our respect to the men who lost their live for our freedom.

They will never been forgotten with this digital monument.

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